Top Four Reasons You Need a Computer

Top Four Reasons You Need a Computer


From hulking machines to tablets barely wider than your head, computers have seen startling technological changes and upgrades over the past few decades. Once upon a time, computers were seldom used by anyone but programmers or government agencies. Now, it’s hard to find a family or person who doesn’t own one, whether it’s for personal use or for work use.

While there are a staunch group of individuals who speak out against computer use and the long-term health hazards this use may pose, there isn’t any way to get around the fact that our society is becoming increasingly computer-centered. While some health hazards might be present after prolonged computer use, a computer is generally quite beneficial to those who own one.

There are four main reasons why an individual would want a computer. For school, especially college, computers are almost a necessity. For many modern jobs, it can be quite handy to have a computer of your own, outside of the computer that’s provided by your company at work. When it comes to gaming, computers offer graphics that enhance gaming and provide tactical and comfortable customization that you simply can’t get from console gaming. As far as socializing is concerned, having a computer puts you at the gateway of communication, from applications such as Facebook to video-calling applications such as Skype.

If you consider yourself a member of any of the previously stated categories, you’ll want to consider buying a computer. Let’s take a deeper look at the four main reasons why you need a computer.




As we talked about in the paragraphs above, our society is increasingly becoming more reliant on computers. This is quite apparent in classroom settings. Many professors often require the use of Microsoft Word for assignment submissions. Often times, universities have online applications that teachers use for students to submit assignments through.

While it may be simpler to take advantage of a computer lab at your school, it’s much more convenient to have a computer or laptop of your own that you’ll be able to use for school work. Besides, public computers aren’t often open; making getting your assignments done difficult if you rely on them.

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In addition to professors and classes requiring computer access to complete and submit certain assignments, having your own computer is a great way to save money from the costs of items such as notebooks, note cards, binders, and paper. If you have a laptop, for instance, you can take notes in class on your laptop. Some laptops even come with touch-screens (even though some recommend against it) that make the ability to write on them possible. It’s the best of both worlds – you’ll be able to write your notes and save money! Having a computer to use for schoolwork is an excellent way to save the environment, as well. Consider the vast amount of trees and forests that are eradicated each year, due to our society’s huge need for paper. If you take your notes on your computer, you won’t need that much paper for your assignments, unless your teacher assigns you an assignment on paper.

Computers are becoming increasingly dominant in the world of education. It won’t be long before everyone is writing with a digital stylus and touch screen computer!




In the office, you’ll most likely have access to a computer that’s been provided by the company you work for. This especially holds true for those who work desk jobs. While you might accomplish a lot of work in the office, it’s quite handy to have a personal computer to work from, as well. You can stay ahead of your work schedule and make sure you’re never behind on any assignments you need to complete.

If your job requires you to travel a lot, it’s imperative to have your own laptop computer. Unless you’re traveling to and from various company locations, odds are that you won’t have consistent access to a reliable computer. If you have your own laptop to travel with, you’ll always have everything you need to carry out the tasks of your job.

If you work any type of job that requires a computer for daily use, get your own computer and stay on top of your co-workers!


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Both desktop and laptop computers have a strong foothold in the world of video games. While having your own Xbox or PlayStation certainly can open your eyes to a diverse world of games, having a computer for gaming is a completely different experience. If you want to stay closer to the console price range it’s not too difficult to build your own gaming desktop. See this article for the best gaming computer under 500. It’s really not much of a hassle and you get way more power out of it then you used to see in years prior.

Think of it like this – A gaming controller only has a few controls and options to liven up your gaming experience. A computer, on the other hand, has a keyboard and a mouse, both of which can be modified to provide a computer gamer with incredible improvements.

Gaming on a computer doesn’t confine your gaming to what is available for play on your console, either; while many games are exclusively for the Xbox of the PlayStation, most games come out with computer versions.

Don’t hold yourself back by sticking to console gaming – computer games offer a wider variety of games to play and a more diverse and customizable in-game experience. If you’re a gamer, getting a computer is a must!

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Having a computer for your personal use puts you at the mouth of a variety of different social outlets. First and foremost, social media platforms are becoming more popular than ever. While many are largely confined to mobile phone use, one still retains much laptop use – Facebook.

Facebook and other similar platforms provide socialization in a way that nobody every anticipated. Practically everyone has one; you can link up with new friends, find old ones, use it as a marketing tool, and much more. The possibilities are endless!

In addition to social media platforms, computers are often equipped with cameras, making video chat an option. Skype is a popular platform for video calling and even normal calling. While many of the aforementioned applications have their home on smartphones as well, who can deny how good it feels to type away on a keyboard every now and then?

If you want to take advantage of the supreme amount of social outlets that the online world has to offer, you’ll do well to get a computer!