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At HelpFixAnyPC, we will use all our resources to ensure your problem is solved. We will provide you with a service which is clear, efficient and to the point.

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Talking about tech stuff can be a lengthy process. So we put a list of some of the things we can do below:-


  • Computer and Laptops:
    • Computer Optimisation
    • Virus Removals
    • Boot up issues, crashing, troubleshooting maintenance, upgrading and other problems
    • Software problems from Security issues to Windows/MAC installations
    • Setting up, customising and installing your Home PC entertainment centre
    • Connecting your PC and laptop to your gadgets
    • Providing ongoing support/advice with your computers and technology


  • Cameras, Mobile phones, IPADS, MP3 Player, Game Consoles, USB Toys, TV’s, Entertainment systems:
    • We will set up your gadgets as it was intended
    • We will fix them physically by calling us to your home to connect your gadgets wire them up, or improve its performance
    • We can upgrade the software or simply customise it for your needs


  • Network and Internet:
    • We can set up a complete home networking system
    • We can set up an interface medium for all your gadgets to a single home network
    • We can create a WIFI hotspot setup for your house or business
    • Troubleshoot, problem-solve, upgrade your internet connections and performance


  • Software:
    • Download recommended software from us to save yourself time looking and researching sites
    • Use our software to enhance your pc experience and provide the neccesary security
    • We can provide expert advice on critical software and where to get the best freebies…..
    • You can buy software from us at competitive prices


  • Custom built computers for your needs whether it’s for video encoding and production, music production, Engineering applications, Gaming… the list goes on.


  • Keep up to date with everything with technology and recommended buys for now or the future through our blog and twitter for latest updates. If you are happy with our service and want to show support and tell your mates, become a fan on facebook.


  • Provide training and support.


  • Recycle your technology products.


  • Buy and sell from us.


And a whole lot more…

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